Live-in Relations not OK

How a father will react if he comes to know that his daughter has been enjoying live-in relation with someone for years; she is pregnant and still not married! He might like to settle the matter marrying her with the man. For this he might seek legal assistance. But he is likely to fail as in a recent hearing on live-in relationship the Supreme Court of India observed that “if a man has a ‘keep’ whom he maintains financially and uses mainly for sexual purpose and/or as a servant, it would not in our opinion be a relationship in the nature of marriage.” The court has also drawn a few parameters defining marriage.
In western countries pregnancy may prevail outside the institution of marriage; and there should be little surprise, thanks to the lopsided development of materialism sans morality. This trend is gradually coming to our country. Last month sitar player Anushka Shankar married Joe Wright, a movie director, after being pregnant. The couple is reportedly expecting their first child in a few months. In a western country it may be a matter of joy but in a socio-cultural country like ours it is a big shame and great stigma.
It seems unreasonable that the Apex Court of the country draws a line virtually allowing young brat to indulge in anti-social and anti-religious activities which will surely bring down the moral values as live-in relations are against religious beliefs and social foundations.
Being well educated and liberal does not mean to breach all the social and religious boundaries of a cultured nation. If one goes by the observation of the court, one fails to understand the case of live-in relationship and cases of sexual assault. Such a sort of lenient observation will only cause steep rise in the number of molestation and rape cases. A number of such cases have already surfaced on the national scene. Many a time an upcoming model is reported to have spent night with some established movie actor and director for a small role in their film. And many young girls have been invariably sexually assaulted in the metro in different offices for a little promotion. Such scandals were exposed when the girls, to their utter chagrin, came to know that they were only used.
It would be much better if such black deeds are deemed an offence and the doers as offenders.
However, this observation is not going to affect half of the Indian population; the population residing in remote villages. They neither know the live-in relationship nor do they have access to TV, radio, newspapers or any other means of communication to get informed. Thanks to the rulers who kept them illiterate.


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